Member Services Recent Speaker Presentations September 2020

Self-Referral 1.0, 2.0 and Beyond Convergence, Synergy, Role Model, Friend

Alan Kaye, M.D. FACR

Data Science in Action at Geisinger: Augmenting Rather than Replacing Great Physicians Like Anne Dunne

Brandon Fornwalt, MD, PhD Research, Dept of Radiology & The Heart Institute

Impact on residency wellness amidst a global pandemic

Nimisha Parikh, R3

Clinical and Basic Science: Navigating funding hurdles and maintaining productivity in the Post-COVID era

Jamaal Benjamin, MD, PhD
Pennsylvania Radiological Society Annual Meeting 2020

The Cost of Doing Business during a Pandemic: Perspective from a Resident Viewpoint

Matthew D. Capodarco DO
R4 (PGY5)
Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

The new normal during COVID-19: Transient of long-lasting impact?

Russell A. Reeves, MD, MS
Diagnostic Radiology-R2