Member Support Radiological Resident and Fellows activities

Portrait of Mary H. Scanlon, M.D., FACR
Mary H. Scanlon, M.D., FACR, Chair of the Residents and Fellows Section

Fostering citizenship and participation in organized Radiology among our Residents and Fellows forms a critical part of the Society’s mission. We have a very active Residents and Fellows Section including several in-training representatives who regularly attend our Board meetings and come to the yearly national ACR meeting in Washington, DC. In addition, we sponsor several fellowships including The “Rutherford” and sponsor leadership training seminars at the ACR Radiology Leadership institute and to the “Kickstart Your Career.” Your dues help fund these programs.

Furthermore, we devote a section of our Fall meeting to a series of Resident presentations by several Residents (chosen from distinguished training programs from across the State) on current topics. This is an opportunity for the participants to hone their skills at presentations.